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Hunters' Comments

Check out our Guest Hunters' Comments & Reviews of Quinlan Ranch and Hunting Lodge.

350 mule deer looking
"Thanks to all the team at the Quinlan Ranch. Silver are guide was extremely patient with us and made our time here extraordinary! We had a blast. We had a wonderful time and hope to return next year. Thanks to Austin and his team for the outstanding food and taking care of all the guests. I was very impressed with the teamwork of the guides at the barn etc. Best wishes to all of the Quinlan Ranch! And to its success. See you next year." - Bill and Sarah Townsend, Wichita, Kansas

"[My guide went] above and beyond. I had my wife here and even with her not hunting the guy took the time to make sure she could come out with us. He also waited on my dad when he was having trouble getting around.”

"What a great place to hunt and make friends. Great staff and great hunters thanks again."
- K. J.

“[My guide] exceeded all expectations. A true professional. It was a real pleasure and I would love to have the opportunity to hunt with him again.”

"Thanks for a great time. The ranch is amazing, good food and good times."

"Couldn't ask for a better hunt! Can't thank everyone enough for such an amazing time! Hunting was outstanding at the company and crew were even better! This all made this place feel like a home and I'm sad to leave my New Mexico family! This week was a blast, some of the best footage I've ever filmed and can't think the staff enough for their hard work to make sure everything was perfect! See you all soon! Go ahead, Unleash it!"
- Larissa

“Why mess with perfection? Don't fix something that's not broke!”

"What a lucky person I am to have the opportunity to come to the ranch with Gooding and the Gonzales families! Great ride in the most spectacular country. Nothing but fun and good company and great food!"

“I will absolutely be back!”

“Jeff [my guide] exceeded expectations in every way. From his knowledge of the land and animals to his unwavering patience, he was a pleasure to hunt with.”