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Hunters' Comments

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350 two elk
"We can't say enough great things about our stay here the Quinlan Ranch! Each and every guide here has been incredible the hunting was above and beyond any experience we've ever had! Tim was amazing, a machine of a guide! He took us all over this ranch we have had the best time! Gutierrez hung around and helped us finish our hunt, and what a hunt it was! Austin did an amazing job with the food he kept my pregnant belly very happy! We love the family vibe. A very special thank you to Soren, talk about above and beyond meeting expectations! The generosity we been shown had me crying several times, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You make dreams come true here! We had a once-in-a-lifetime trip! We can't wait to come back and try to top this hunt! The trip wouldn't have been the same without Silver and Q, the dynamics of the guides was perfect. Thank you thank you thank you."
All the best, Cody and Sam Erickson
US Air Force Tucson Arizona
Jim Shockey's Outdoor Adventures Veterans Tribute Hunt 2013

"God bless the Quinlan Ranch! I had a wonderful time, good people, and the greatest guide. He has patience of a saint!! Pat and I had a great hunt, we both got ours! Melissa fabulous! Thank you ever so much to be here friends forever. I had a great time. The people were very kind and thoughtful. My brother and I killed 2 nice trophy elk. The food was great. Special thanks to Mark and Jeff I hope to return one day soon."

"[The quality of game was] outstanding! A lot of elk – good quality animals.”

“The entire crew of guides worked extremely hard… Very thankful for all their hard work.”

"This may have been the best time I will ever encounter! Harvested a 6x5 bull at 35 yards with a crossbow. The Quinlan Ranch team were amazing and filled with excellent knowledge and fine skills at stocking. Could not have had a better time. Thanks for the great hunt!!!"

“The entire staff is first class. Jeff is a great leader and the guides work together as a team. This is great to see.”

“Your outfit sets the bar. What more can I say?”

"This was a real hunt. Spot Stalk, cut them off and “select” the bull to take. Guides had to field dress and go for 4 wheelers to get the animal out. The bull was cut up with no damage to the hide." Thank you, T. M.

"Harvested 6x6 bull elk, bow and arrow September 19, 2013 25 yards."

“The guides did a good job. The way the guides work together is the best I’ve ever seen on a ranch. That makes it fun for hunters.”