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Hunters' Comments

Check out our Guest Hunters' Comments & Reviews of Quinlan Ranch and Elk Hunting Lodge.

300 sunset hills with moon
"Thanks for the incredible week of hunting, Fellowship and the experience of a lifetime until next year! Couldn't have dreamt of a better scenario... From the ranch, to the Lodge, the outstanding food, and of course the majestic bull elk population. All exceeded expectations. Thanks for your professionalism and the obvious expert skill in the outdoors. The elk love you! I look forward to a continued friendship and making many more memories in the field in years to come. Thank you for the detailed coordination leading up to arrival and continuing right through the end of the hunt. See you in 2014!"

"Thank you for an excellent hunt! Silver was the best elk hunting guide I've ever met! Weather was perfect hunting was unparalleled, and we couldn't have asked for a nicer trip."

"The search is over, Quinlan is hunting Nirvana. Such a great week on so many levels. From the moment of arrival, the team greeted us at the porch, hauled in the luggage, practiced with us on the 3-D targets. Every meal was unique and over-the-top. The Lodge is gorgeous, exactly what I expected. The hunting, well, let's just say that I dreamed big and it was even better than that. The crew, friendly and not just because they have to be, just genuinely nice people. And the organizer, everything planned exquisitely. Thank you guys for one of the better weeks of my life. 5 x 5 shot on 9/19 at 5:30 PM 15 yard shot, one arrow to the heart." - Clay Caldwell in Saratoga, Florida

"The best vacation ever! Just touched my soul and made it shine! Thank you for a beautiful experience!"

“Hear bugling almost every time out, and saw lots of cows and bulls.”

“I have hunted elk in Montana for six years and I have never seen so many bulls as here – several trophies.”

“My first bull was a big one. He scored a 319, 7x7, shot at 300 yards.”

“Kory worked very hard… Excellent person to work with, always pointing things out. Explained the game plan and what we were going to do and why. I hunted with last year, and requested him again this year. Thanks to the Ranch for making this happen!”

“It’s tough for a ‘flatlander’ to hunt the mountains but the guides keep that in mind and work with you.”

“I was able to get a nice 6x7 bull the very first day. My guide did everything for us. He really knows what he’s doing. The entire experience was nothing less than outstanding. I saw and heard elk every day, even saw a black bear in two different places.”

“My guide more than reached my expectations. He knows his stuff and got me on lots of animals… I couldn’t have asked for a better guide – just great.”

“I had a great time. Truly my best hunt, thanks for the great experience.”

“There were more game sightings than I had ever experienced.”

“I got a really nice 6x6 elk and I saw bulls every time out. I passed on several before shooting one.”

“I took a very nice bull on the second night. This ranch has a lot of game. Great experience!”

“I got a 6x6 on the fourth day. I had a good opportunity on the third day. I observed a thousand elk at a distance – it was a great site!”